Monday, September 12, 2005

On Loving and Serving

Ok, so I've been trying to focus in on teaching my kids to love and serve one another, and the only thing I've been able to come up with is negative training, where a child who has offended another is required to serve the offended child in some way (ie serve them a cup of ice water). But now I've decided that it's got to be a regular part of life. After all, what child was ever trained well from rebuke and consequence alone? They've got to DO the right thing! Instead of just being told not to do the wrong thing.

To facilitate this goal, David (my 7yob) is now responsible for overseeing Joshua's (2yob) bath and Deborah (5yog) is now responsible for overseeing Rebekah's (3yog) bath in the morning. Now, some oversight is still necessary, obviously, at bathtime, but I am thrilled that my kiddos will be taking care of each other in this way! And I am all ears for other ways to proactively train a loving and serving mentality in kids. What do YOU do?

Tonight I gave everyone extra vitamin C, a spoonful of colloidal silver and a squirt of peroxide in thier ears (myself included). Hopefully when we wake up, the sickness blossoming in our noses (ahhhh-chooooo!) will have shriveled up and died :-).


  1. Danielle-- what is collidal silver? I can't tell anything about raizing kids, as you well know.Mama and Daddy raised us by having rules or things we could't do, and after some spankings--not beatings-- it didn't take us long to learn what we could do or could'nt do.That rule goes with God too. If we don't live for him like he comands us too there will be consequence's--either in this life or the next. As you also know the most important thing is the love that we show our kids every day. They are little imitators. They want to be like mama and daddy. It is so precious to watch them grow and learn. Love ya

  2. "Colloidal silver is clusters of silver atoms which are submicroscopic in size. These clusters (colloids) of silver particles are suspended and evenly dispersed throughout the solution. All the particles stay dispersed by virtue of Brownian motion and their small size."

    Patty, it is used to destroy bacteria and viruses, being virtually harmless to human body systems (unless you take a lot and then you may turn blue). If you are interested I can send you some links on it. Just let me know.