Wednesday, September 21, 2005


After dinner tonight Nathan and I played chess while Ben and the kiddos cleaned up the kitchen. Imagine my horror when I wiped away a glob of goop from my eye and was pronounced "unclean" by the rest of the family :-). Well, now I am putting that wonderful colloidal silver in my own eyes and my compassion for the children has once again doubled, for this is really the pits (swollen eye, impaired vision, pain --how did they stand it?). The kids' infection was cleared up so I know it works. I just have to hurry up and wait. Same thing on the pregnancy front. No cramping but spotting. I see the doc tomorrow to see if there is cause for concern.

Today was a good day. We read from the book of Daniel at breakfast and David was very curious about the location of Babylon and Media and Persia. We brought out the family Bible and found it all on the maps. David bathed Joshua and helped him get his diaper on. School was somewhat disorganized but marvelously engaging. I took care to have everything laid out by the couch so that I could "take it easy". Rebekah illustrated (with help) and narrated Mr. Putter and Tabby and the Pear Tree. Deborah learned to count by 2's, began addition flash cards and read a lesson out of her reader (it's only a matter of time before she takes off --today I saw her reading a few words from the Magic Schoolbus). David wrote out his memory verse, wrote in his penmanship book, did math flashcards, had a language lesson and began to narrate Cat Mummies (to go along with his Story of the World). He also read from J. Pollard's General Ullyses S. Grant. Joshua and I read and worked on counting.

This evening we finished listening to The Magician's Nephew (awesome book!), and the girls ended the evening with songs from Ephesians and Collosians. I love it when they request scripture songs and rarely do I have the heart to refuse:-)

I am about to take my monstrous eye to bed -- It's happier closed :-). G'night.

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