Friday, September 23, 2005

Looking Forward...

I keep logging on with the desire to write something magnificent. Something really worthy of your attention. But alas, my life is devoid of immediate inspiration :-). Though I do have plans. I've written a post on modesty and plan to summarize a wonderful sermon on the Security of the Believer. They are not, however, quite ready for posting, so I will have to content myself with rambling on in the blessed world of mundania.

Today we will attend Nathan's company picnic. We'll make bread this morning to bring along. A double batch -- which means 8 loaves. Yikes, I'd better get busy!

Pregnancy Update:
I went to the Doctor on Thursday. We heard the baby's heartbeat :-). She ruled out the possibility of an incompetent cervix and provided some possible explanations for the continued spotting. She was very reassuring. We still have to watch things, but I am no longer confined to bedrest. Yay!


  1. Glad you are feeling better. Ain't God Good to give us so many blessings! undeserving, thats what we are! This week I baked some sugar cookies for work. We had customer appreciation week, so we served cookies and lemonade each day to the clients. I never bake bread. A lot of work I imagine.I got on the computer under real estate, and found Pam,s house! It was neet!A lady I work with had her first granddaughter born last night at midnight. She worked today, but was very tired. Mother and baby are fine. I start babysitting for Jasmine and Jesse a week from Wednesday1 Yey! REST DANIELLE, AND HAVE AWONDERFUL WEEKEND! LOVE YA ALL!

  2. I need to make a triple batch of muffins first thing in the morning. It's only a lot of work because the dishwasher is refusing to work again.

  3. Sometimes the greatest lessons come from the mundane in my life. And baking bread is always worthy of writing about. It is one of my favorite meditations. I, too, am a homeschooling mom and I find that part of my lesson is to find the spiritual in the mundane, everday tasks. I like your site. Thanks.

  4. Hi danielle... i am multi-tasking at the moment,excuse the type 0's handed this morning..feeding jessie...i am so relieved to hear of your good report..just dont overdo please..when will you find out if you are being blessed with a boy or girl?... i too am learning to find peace and downright joy in the mundane....i am listening to christian radio and finding it very uplifting this morning...what a blessing it is just to be alive!!!
    I am sure everyone will enjoy your wonderful bread..what a gift you have for making it..i hope your family appreciates your effort...I think if bryan came home and found me baking bread(other than bananna bread or betty crocker)..he would surely faint.
    However I am getting on track.or ar least trying with meal planning..I am finding with two it is very difficult to get it together unless I have a plan of attack..I have prepared index cards with 3 weeks of menus that I will rotate..wish me luck.
    This morning i will attend a ladies bible study from 9-11..childcare is provided so i am going to do this for me...i find it difficult to find time to do any type of study on my own.
    jessie is starting to wake again at night..growth spurt time..however tired i may be nothing is as sweet as the smell of his hair as i kiss his head..over and over.oh lord just let him stay little just a while longer.
    would you mind sending the name of the schooling book you mentioned..i know the name was easy to remember..but is seems to have escaped my pea sized brain at the moment.
    i will send photos of thekids via much enjoying your blogging ability and stand in awe of your talents. toodles peggy

  5. Peggy, the book is called "Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready" by June R. Oberlander. Here is a link to the book at Amazon:

    Great to hear from you peggy! Glad to hear things are going well. I am envious of that Bible Study:-) Have fun.