Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Labor Day Weekend

Labor day weekend we had Sam and Rani here. Activity abounded, at least for the first 2 days, as we visited the Science Center in St. Louis. On Friday my adoring husband and wonderful sister-in-laws took all 4 of the kiddos for an all-day outing and left me to my own devices. What a gift! As they were leaving I felt the energy rising and I made my mental list of all the things I wanted to catch-up on around the house. Happily, I did get some much-needed cleaning done, but I knew I needed to get something lasting accomplished. So I took 2 hours to clean out my desk drawers. Before I began my main drawer was a cause of daily annoyance as I couldn't even open it without stuff getting stuck. Now it is a source of joy for me, and I could vow to never let it happen again, but I know myself too well for that :-). So I'll just try to make it last as long as possible.

I know it is already nearly Thursday and I am only just now getting around to blogging all this. In fact, I haven't blogged at all. I really need to do better. But have I mentioned to anyone that I am sick? Not retching, mind you, but mindful of the pall of everpresent nausea (whoever named it morning-sickness anyway?). And my pregnant-super-nose has caused me to breathe shallowly whenever I open the fridge; the array of leftovers are simply too much for my olfactory nerve. And it doesn't matter how much I clean (or don't clean). Everything still smells dirty. But hey! A few more weeks and we'll be through (this must be read with military intonation or you are simply not hearing me)!

Here is a pic of everyone (minus me, who stands atop Sam's fuschia berretta).

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  1. danielle, I enjoyed the beautiful picure! Thanks. Is there anyway I could copy the picture? Thanks again