Thursday, September 15, 2005

Goopy Eye

Yesterday Joshua and I began to get sick with a cold. Unfortunately, Joshua's spread quickly to his eyes and he came down with a bad case of goopy eye (I'm not sure if it qualifies as pink eye or not). Anyway, I was loathe to take him to the doctor and pay $20, so I got on IM and asked my hubby if he remembered if colloidal silver could be used in the eyes. He said yes, and found some instructions for me on the web. So I found a dripper bottle of sodium chloride, dumped it out, rinsed it well, filled it with colloidal silver and "WALA"! Instant eye drops :-). I put some in my own eyes first to make sure it didn't sting or anything, and then began to treat him.

Well, this morning Joshua woke up with clear eyes and I was thrilled that two drops of colloidal silver in his eyes every 2 hours or so did the trick. So I downed the drops and frequency, but I think I should have known better. After his nap goopy eye was back, with less intensity, but present nonetheless. I hope that if I keep it up for another day or so it will be completely gone.

Unfortunately I myself feel extremely miserable. It is difficult to be the constant caregiver of 4 small children and be sick. But things are going pretty well regardless. Tonight I cleaned up the kitchen with Joshua, Rebekah and David. David loaded the dishwasher quickly and efficiently, Joshua moved the chairs and had some trouble with sweeping due to his runny nose and goopy eyes, so it was time for Rebekah to move in with loving and serving her brother. She finished up his jobs for him (mostly:-) while I ministered to his needs. Then Josh and I went back to the kitchen and he was of very excited about washing up the last two pans with me. We did it together and then he wanted to sweep and swiff together. He is one great sick helper :-). Then we ate icecream and watched the President together with the rest of the family.

I think that being sick makes it easier to slow down and be laid back about everything. I praise God for it right now, for it has given me some precious times with my kids today!

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