Friday, August 26, 2005


I just finished reading Jane Eyre for the second time. It has been many years since the last time and it was all fresh to me again. It is coined on the back cover as being "one of the finest novels in English Literature" and I give a hearty AMEN to that. :-) It takes you on a roller-coaster of emotion through the darkness and despair of abuse, to the hope and joy found in the sweetness of genuine friendship.

I was carried effortlessly from cover to cover, feeling an intimate acquaintance with Jane, who narrates the story herself. Though the second half of the novel is definitely a romance, the book is so much more and makes great statements about intellect, equality and relationship.

Relationships is what is on my mind tonight, and what this novel has caused me to deeply ponder. As I read Jane Eyre, it was apparent that such a thing was of great worth. Indeed, in that timeframe they had not television, radio nor other diversions to occupy their time. They had only each other. The picture framed of the evening time is arresting in a day and age of technology, business and endless activity. Sitting by the fire, knitting, reading and truly enjoying the company of another....these things are a treasure! Surely society today, with all of her handmaidens of ease, should be able to relax in the evenings; to joy in the company of others and release the burden of intended accomplishments for things more eternal.

The relationship between Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester was extraordinary in that what they loved about each other was of the mind and character. Indeed they each fell far short of physical beauty. Yet they retained an extended delight in one anothers company, and truly loved each other.

As Christians, we should delight ourselves in the Lord, knowing that true joy and sweetness lie within that intimacy.

I am struck tonight with the thought that delighting in the Lord is more than just a closed door time in which a heart is laid bare before Him. It is more than reading the Word daily and praying for others. It is more than performing acts of loving service for others, though such things are certainly noble and right endeavors.

Delighting in the Lord is seeking to really know the heart of another; smiling at them with all of the joy within; and letting the grace of God pour out of that delight.

Delighting in the Lord is learning to love what others love and deciding to let go of whatever great urge of accomplishment takes you over; simply to enjoy another's presence.

Tonight I sat on the veranda, enjoying the children as they rode their tricycles up and down and around me. I delighted in their smiles and gave horsey rides on my knee with zeal and abandon. I did not watch the clock, nor speak of what needed to be done. But Lord knows there need to be more times like this!

O, Lord, I need You! Take away my resounding gongs and clanging cymbols! Let me be still and know Your charity. Let me suffer long with others...

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Sometimes it's easy to see what needs changing in others. The reactions and actions (or lack thereof) around us reveal so much about people. Especially little people, who aren't as adept at playing behavior games as adults are :-). But when the clouds roll back, the Sonshine always lays bare the naked truth: our children are a reflection of ourselves. They learn what they live and mimic the behavior around them. And we are a reflection of our own devotion. We reflect back our own sinfulness by focusing on ourselves. And we reflect back His glory and joy by focusing on Him.

So, in spite of emotions to the contrary, I must make my prayer...change ME, Lord!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


As I sit here droopy-eyed at the computer and ponder the day, I must restrain myself from just falling into bed for the night. Perhaps I should just give in, you say.

Alright, but only after a moments reflection :-). For if I don't prop open my eyes for the next 5 weeks or so, I'll surely fade away from the blogosphere...

Today we fed the full ducks, made bad-for-you pancakes, hosed the bird-poop off of the pool. We counted marbles and beans at the island, dreamed of living in the fertile crescent and rode tricycles to our hearts content. We napped and read stories and made ducky nests. We watched the people in the parking lot as we waited for Uncle Ben. We put away laundry. It was a very full day, and tomorrow will be another, Lord willing!

On my mind....attitudes. I am in a hormonal, pregnant state of mind. This may seem the perfect excuse to be a little grumpy; to allow my emotions to get the better of me. But I believe I have a responsibility to continue smiling. To be a gentle, joyful witness to my children instead of an angry, impatient one. I have been slipping lately - quite a bit. So I will read this article, which never fails to inspire and motivate the attitude nerve.

Okay Danielle, you can expire now. Goodnight all!

Thursday, August 18, 2005


My three year old daughter has a keen sense of justice and will normally respond in a very fair manner. However, being three has a way of limiting perspective ;-), and when I learned from my 7-year old son that she was wildly swinging the wooden snake around, I went downstairs to survey the war scene. The injured 5-year old sister had wrapped a blanket around her neck and sat wimpering; the perpetrator had hidden herself behind the couch. It was relatively easy to determine what had happened with 2 extremely verbal witnesses, and to discipline and reconcile, but this is not always the case.

Sometimes it is very difficult to determine exactly how to deal with a given situation...I stand in awe of King Solomon's great wisdom and other judges who must weigh the information and make a right judgment. I think of the baby who was almost cut in half by the judgment of a man who knew how to find out the truth. And I tremble at my responsibility.

I want to have the wisdom to make the right decisions as I deal with my children. I want them to see the truth. I pray for them every night that God would give them each a revelation of Jesus Christ. And I pray for wisdom. Wisdom to make good decisions. Wisdom to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God.

Lord, help me to persevere in my quest for truth. Give me real wisdom to see the root problem and deal with it instead of the symptoms.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Where shall I begin? The blurr-monster has taken up residence somewhere nearby. His insidious presence has caused all manner of confusion. And when he shows up I become uncertain.

What is the most important thing? It is suddenly unclear. What should I be focusing on? There are so many things... and so little time.

The storage area calls out to me, "but I'm not finished!" And my laundry says, "me too!" The weeds in the garden are getting kind of scary these days, and homeschool planning is on hold, waiting for it's proper storage place to be cleaned out (the hutch in the dining room). The children are needing a better schedule, but when can I find time to put one together?

And the couch! It calls to me....beckoning my tired, nausea wracked body to come and partake of her comfort. So far I have avoided her, but her voice remains.

Well, at least I have identified blur-monster's elusive presence. Now I just have to zap him with my laser-focus beams and he will "poof!" disappear.

David just showed up and reminded me that it is 3:00. I promised him computer time then, so I'd better scoot.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

News Flash

We are happy to announce that we are expecting child #5 in the Tippy household. He will arrive soon enough to avoid the onslaught of May birthdays and save me from being too pregnant in the heat of the summer. I am tickled pink over the whole thing! Or should I say "blue"? I think it's a boy because I have been so very sick and I have only been sick in pregnancy with my boys. Must be the testosterone :-).

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bear With Me...

A while back I began blogging at Homeschoolblogger and now there are two of me out there! I've decided to change my name here so that I am not trying to be in two places at once. I'll be able to keep all of my homeschool-related thoughts in one place. But it's hard to choose a new name, so you may see some fluctuations here in the next few days. If you like anything, be sure and let me know, ok?