Tuesday, December 26, 2006


In verse...

Josh was up at 6 am
I took him to bed with me
Who stayed up till 1 am
Writing stocking poetry

We gathered round at 9 am
The Word Dad did expound
Then we opened up the socks
And the gifts were passed around

Jonathan at 9 months old
Had just about one present
But boxes and paper strewn about
Made him the most content :-)

Mom happily cooked in the kitchen
For 1/2 hours and four
Then ham and mashed potatoes
Was ours and so much more

Grandma and Dale cleaned up
And 2 hours of nap were given
Then Christmas day was near an end
But it sure felt like Thanksgivin'!

For some reason, I have been eating up poetry lately. I love to read it and write it. Some of it is good, and some of it is lame, but rest assured, I am enjoying myself immensely! I had it in my mind to write a poem for everyone in the family for their Christmas stocking, but I only finished about 2/3 of the poems. I felt that one of them in particular was inspired while I was listening to Pastor Johnny preach the Christmas Eve sermon... the one for my dear mother-in-law. Here it is...

To every thing there is a season,
Every circumstance???a reason.
And so it is with Pamela Jane...
Whether there???s sunshine or whether there???s rain.

She does it all unto the Lord!
And PJ Tippy is never bored.
She???ll shine the floor with zeal and more...
She???ll break down a wall or put in a door.

But when all the mess is cleared afresh
There rises from the dust a loveliness;
With every picture in it???s place;
Every pillow and every vase;

The floors and windows gleam and shine;
Colors pose from walls so fine.
And when it???s all done she???ll walk out the door???
To give away blood and care for the poor;

To work at Goodwill and straighten out the church;
To help out some poor soul in a lurch...

But in her heart there is a special place
For those with wrinkles on their face.
She???ll care for them so tirelessly,
Until their eyes no longer see.

The Lord? He sees, and has a care
For a face that, to Him, couldn???t be more fair???

In thoughtfulness Pam sees a need
And gives a gift or plants a seed
And whether she???s Grandma, Mom, Pam or PJ
These words aren???t enough but that???s all they???ll say.

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