Sunday, December 17, 2006

I'm in Love!

I saw him today in the Christmas play. His familiar form walked up to the microphone and I didn't really pay much attention until the beautiful piano music softly entered the sanctuary. I was intrigued. What could he be singing? Then I heard his voice. His full tenor voice, skillfully singing words of tenderness. Worshipping God with a sweetness that caused tears to stream down my face! Longing to know how he fit into God's plan. He was singing Joseph's song. And he wasn't even looking at me. But he stole my heart anew...

In reality, this all transpired during the practice last week, but I am still moved in the center of my being to think that I have the privilege of being married to a man who is tender, and passionate in his heart. And confident enough to show it. I love you Nathan Robert Tippy!

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