Sunday, December 17, 2006

Running Man

I walked into the kitchen, scarcely able to contain myself. Nathan's Christmas album had some pretty jazzy songs and the one playing had just the perfect beat for the Running Man dance. For any who may wonder, the running man is just what it sounds like - a man running (or in my case, a woman). However, instead of really running, you slide your foot back and come down in an exhaggerated step, then slide that foot back and bring down the other foot down - of course you must do it in step to the music. The dance can be very aerobic in nature, especially if the music is fast.

But this music was just perfect. I became The Running Man. The Running Man and I were one. My daughter Rebekah looked up from her activity at the island. I just knew that she was impressed that her 35 year-old mom could dance like that, and I smiled at her. She raised her eyebrows at me and replied... "Mom, when I want to run, I really run. I don't need to run standing still."

Needless to say, I descended. To a walk. But I'm still running in my heart :-).

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