Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Linking Verb Rap

Over the holidays we had family staying with us, and Nathan and I took a rare opportunity to get away. We usually end up at Barnes and Noble, drinking coffee and perusing books, and this time was no exception. I was very impressed with the amount of material available for homeschoolers, and I am happy to report that I found a few needed workbooks for the kids, which I purchased with a gift certificate from Benjamin - Thanks Ben! As I was flipping through a book on teaching, I found this song, which I am sharing here (as well as recording for my own future reference :-) ). The song was a teacher's last resort effort to engage students whose attention had waned from the subject matter. The students worked together to create the song. So, without further ado, here is the Linking Verb Rap, the creative endeavor from the students of section 72 in Welsh, Roanoke Jr. High School...

Yo! I have a little somethin'
To teach you.
It's the linking verb rap
And it's easy to do!

A linking verb connects
A subject with a noun
And if you've done it right
You can turn it around.

An adjective can be
In the predicate part.
Know what you're doin'
Then you'll be smart!

Look very carefully
And you will see
Most of the verbs
Are forms of "be"

Am, is, are
Was, were
These are the past
And present of the verb

Learn "seem", "appear",
And "become"
Then you will know
That you are done!

I absolutely LOVE using songs and couplets to learn important concepts in school (as well as scripture memory), so I was immediately taken with this one :-)?? If anyone has any good ones please leave them in the comments!

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  1. wow heh thats funny we have to make a linking verb song for La class so i am taking the song smack that and twisting the lyrics a bit to make a linking verb rap heh ^^;;