Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My Son David

Last night I gently removed The Swiss Family Robinson from under his sleeping head, book marked it and put it on top of his bookshelf. This morning I found him reading it again.

Last night he nearly trampled his sisters in his mad dash to find the next clue in the treasure hunt at Deborah's birthday party. Today he took out the trash, cleaned the microwave, swept and mopped the floor.

Yesterday he longed to be past the day of the princess party. Today he longs to dominate my computer ;-)

This year he has discovered the cartoonist within himself, nearly mastered his multiplication tables, learned to play with his baby brother, once again learned to tie his shoes, lost his shoes, found his shoes, and lost them again. Next year he will be nine years old!

I am so thankful for my son David.

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