Saturday, January 20, 2007

Moses was sick, too...

Right now hubby's computer network is composed of Moses and Aaron. Moses is where our blogs and mail are stored. Unfortunately, our faithful 10-year-old computer is showing signs of going flakey. Maybe we haven't let him talk enough. He's just expressing himself ;-). Anyway, the reason our blogs have been down is because he has been temporarily unconscious; just today Nathan transferred it all out to our hosting service and now we are up and running again!

So who else is sick, you may wonder? The baby is all better, and Joshua, our 3-year-old, is over "it" as well. Tuesday night he was up 3 times vomiting. The first time, the timing was perfect, and I put the plastic bin under his mouth (as he lay in bed) just in time. There was not a sheet to be washed! The second time we weren't so lucky, and I have wondered if this will be the first week I actually never got to start on the regular washing!

Actually, I have gotten at all done, I am happy to report :-). But I am lagging behind in other areas.  Mostly the floors remain unfinished this week...the house has been partially vacuumed and swept, but not mopped for a while, and it's beginning to get under my skin due to the sickness recently.  However, the children are doing well with bathroom cleaning.  My oldest children did a great job cleaning bathrooms this morning :-).

Sacrificing productivity for training pays great dividends!  Yet it remains one of the most challenging things about raising kids.  I always want to do do do and accomplish more.  But I have to hold myself back in order to patiently talk the children through jobs, being committed to redos when necessary.

How did I get to training from sickness, anyway?  I don't know, but it makes sense that being sick makes you realize how important training is ;-).

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