Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Homeschool Room

Today was our third day having homeschool in our new area. It's going pretty well :-). We just need to wake up a little earlier. I can honestly say that school is certainly much more successful when we separate it from the household. However, the household is, well, let's just say lagging behind.

If you have ever visited a Chucky Cheese and played the child's game where the large plastic pin pops up and you have to hit it with your plastic hammer, then you know just what it can be like sometimes in the homeschooling world. I have hit the homeschooling pin down, only to have some other "pin" pop up and tempt me to divert my attention from my goals. If I'm smart, I'll get another plastic hammer and delegate! Mountain, get thee hence!

Tomorrow is library day and piano lessons, so I'd better get some sleep.


  1. Maybe if you sent your children to a public school, to be taught by professionals, you would have better luck. Are you educated enough to prepare your children for life? It's more than just making them memorize bible quotes.

    I think homeschooling should be outlawed. We have enough kids today who can barely speak well or know simple math; send your kids to school!

  2. Yikes! Susie Q. I think you may be a little confused about homeschooling. Consider the following...

    "...In every subject and grade level of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) and the Tests of Achievement and Proficiency (TAP) batteries, home school students scored significantly higher than their public and private school counterparts..."

    The article is here: http://www.mtexpress.com/1999/10-13-99/10-13homeschool.htm

    My children are no exception to this. My 8-year-old was devouring books at 3 years old (he now reads as well as I do), and my children love to learn. Here are a few other articles you may want to read, if you have an open mind:



    Anyway, my children's schooling is not the issue here, it's just my messy house. And that won't matter in 20 years :-).