Wednesday, December 7, 2005

The Baby....

Is a boy! We found out yesterday for sure, though I was pretty sure based on how my body reacted with Josh and David. It is much more fun to be pregnant with girls - at least for me. Please pray for us though, for the placenta is very low (partially covering the cervix). Hopefully it will move before this baby is born!

Okay, I've learned my lesson. Don't ever title a blog post "Today" and then cease writing for so long! It is so annoying to see my site from time to time with the same fresh, outdated word jumping out at you.

Since last I wrote we have filled our garage, downstairs, apartment and storage areas with furniture and boxes of stuff from Grandma's huge house in Washington. It has been a "boxy" adventure to say the least, and we are very thankful that there won't be any more semi-truck size moving trucks backing down our driveway. The children have enjoyed bits and pieces of Grandma as she sneaks in and out to give hugs, fold laundry or bring us more stuff. For the most part she has been unpacking and organizing in her little apartment. Benjamin has commandeered the downstairs areas (except for Nathan's office) and has his sleeping area sectioned off with 8 foot bookshelves. I think he is concerned that the little ones will "invade" :-) but I am keeping them mostly upstairs.

I have discovered that there are natural planning times during my year. August, December & April seem to be the times when I need to plan the most. However, planning to plan seems to be the thing I have lacked the foresight to do consistently! Being able to concentrate on planning is hugely dependent on children who can be self-occupied for chunks of time without interrupting. Mine do pretty well when I plan something for them, but this is not my strong point...planning. Or planning to plan. Or planning to plan to plan. Ok, now I'm dizzy. So, now I am reading through Candy's The Home Management Binder: The Housewife's Best Friend and working on actually finishing my own binder, which has lain hopefully in my cupboard for awhile now. I am having a lot of fun with it :-)

Sigh. Now if I can just get it finished.

Thanks to those of you who have inquired as to my absence from the blogdom. If feels nice to be missed :-). Hopefully I can get back into the habit of writing often again.


  1. A boy. Wow. That tips the balance, eh? :)

    Have you been thinking about names?

    Bex heard the heartbeat the other day, it made it more real for her. She's been extremely tired the last couple of weeks. (I think it's more that she's finally got a reason to admit to being tired and that she's been this tired for a long, long time, but what do I know? I'm just the guy who's been living with her for the last 16 years... ;) )

    Know that you are missed, by everyone. :) Stay warm and safe! :)

  2. Yea! Danielle you are back! I have been checking for you every time I open computer! Glad you are doing well, and I do pray for you all. happy for the news about the boy! God is so good!

  3. I tagged you on my seven-sevens blog, but it will be Tuesday before it posts. Check out my blog Tuesday, then answer the questions on your blog?

  4. yay! Glad to see you back. :-)