Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Seven Sevens

So I am finally responding to my tag...sorry Becky :-( I'm a bit slow lately.

Seven things I hope to do before I die:
1. See all of my children believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and walk in Him.
2. Grow again in Jesus myself... (Soon Lord! It seems like it's been winter for at least a year)
3. Write letters of affirmation to all of my kids, for them to read after I am gone
4. Completely organize my home and develop better, more orderly habits
5. Hold my grandchildren (and help to train them Lord?)
6. Develop the habit of writing everyday; and write a book :-)
7. Learn to play the piano well enough to play hymns effortlessly

Seven things I cannot do:
1. Throw a grenade (or throw at all for that matter :-) - just ask the drill seargent who spotted me as I threw my one (and only) live grenade. He refused to let me throw the second one due to the amount of dirt which landed on us after my first throw. And Lord knows how I practiced every day in the field.)
2. Tap dance (yet I would LOVE to learn)
3. Grow flowers from seed in my yard (I apparently need a greenhouse)
4. Fly an airplane
5. Fix my computer or printer (Nate found a dead moth in our printer and David swears he saw the dead moth fly in :-) )
6. Go to bed on I sit at 10:28, rubbing my tired eyes! Lord, have mercy!
7. Leave any Death by Chocolate from Bennigans on my plate (it must be THE most delicious thing on the planet)... is there a Bennigan's in St. Louis? I think I will go back to Iowa just to get a slice.

Seven things that attract me to my spouse: (significant other, best friend)
1. The grace which characterizes his behavior (he's like the Lord Jesus, I tell him, full of grace and truth)
2. His keen intelligence
3. His gorgeous green eyes, with their own unique orange spot
4. His marvelously sculpted chin
5. His hands (their warmth and strength)
6. His excitement when he tells me about a new idea
7. His joviality and sense of humor

Seven things I say often:

1. Really?
2. Oh, my goodness!
3. I see.
4. You did it!
5. Mommy is doing this because it's the best thing for YOU.
6. That's fantastic!
7. I know what you mean.

Seven books or book series I love:
1. The Holy Bible
2. The Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House Series
3. The Zion Chronicles by Bodie and Brock Thoene
4. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
5. The Mark of the Lion Series by Francine Rivers
6. On Writing Well by William Zinser
7. To Train Up a Child by Michael and Debbie Pearl

Seven movies I do watch over and over again:
(I'll update if I think of more)
...rarely do I watch a movie, let alone watch one over and over, so this is hard...
1. Luther (I actually saw this movie 3 times and loved it each time)
2. The Jesus Movie starring Brian Deacon (I've seen it at least 3 times)
3. Mary Poppins
4. Lord of the Rings
5. most Star Trek movies (Nathan and I really like The Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock...etc)
6. Mr. Bean's Christmas Special (actually a thirty minute show) - this is so funny that I laugh so hard I cry...EVERY YEAR!

Seven people I want to join in this Seven Sevens:
If you are reading this post, and have a blog or a way to respond on the Internet, then consider yourself tagged! Please comment so I know to come and read your responses. This is the kind of tag I like :-).

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  1. I remember watching Mr. Bean's Christmas at your house. It was a laugh-riot!