Saturday, November 5, 2005


I am having a 10 minute break right now while the bread is sponging, so I thought I would hop on the computer and write a quick update. I've got some warm bread by my side, slathered with homemade honey-butter, and some warm coffee as well :-)

Breadmaking day used to be a drag because I didn't look forward to all of the washing up afterwards, but for some reason this has become unimportant lately. To save time, I've begun baking two batches (8 loaves) at one time, and it feels good to wash up, knowing that I won't have to do it again for a week and ahalf. Of course, we don't get to enjoy the warm bread fresh from the oven as often, but sometimes during busy seasons it is worth it. This morning Deborah helped me mix up the bread-dough, but I have currently lost my children's interest to Dora the Explorer ;-).

I must admit, I'm a little jealous. Yet I am grateful for the occasional opportunity to go full-speed ahead with my activities :-).

Well, I've also got tomatoes all over my veranda still, so today is also freeze the tomatoes day. I am cutting them up and freezing them in bags of 4 cups (maybe I should be freezing them whole??). Still being ignorant of the canning process, I've decided to do it the quick and easy way. Today I will also work on cleaning up the storage area.

Grandma Tippy will arrive on Monday. We are very much looking forward to her presence :-). She is an amazing person who adds laughter and loving service wherever she goes. She and Benjamin (Nate's little brother) will live with us until their house sells in Washington and they have a new location here.

Well, I'd better get moving before my energy slips away and I need a nap ;-) (Lately the pregnancy has been calling for one several times a week.)


  1. Home made bread...mmmm, sounds good! I really need to make some myself. However at this time I use a bread machine....but one of these days! :)

    Also as you can see by my url above, my blog is moving...

  2. Hi The bread sounds so good. It also sounds like alot of work! Be sure to get your naps! I'm sure your family appreciates the hot bread.

  3. I have relied on homemade muffins, because they use baking powder and are a quick grain. However, I realized I haven't made homemade bread in almost 5 months, so I decided to try making bread this week. We have made pizza, but it only requires 5 minutes of kneading instead of 10. I just wonder how much patience I have with a 2-year-old trying to help.

  4. My parents used to do a lot of canning. Dad was a huge fan of tomatoes and wanted them year round. So, they'd plant a couple hundred (I kid you not!) plants each year, harvest them and in the heat of late August and early September, they'd start canning.

    They'd can and can and can and can for weeks. And when the tomatoes ended, they'd have other things that our yard provided--peaches, pears, apples.

    Then they'd start pickling--cucumbers, peppers.

    The house was hot and smelled of cooked veggies for weeks and weeks on end.

    I remember it involved a pressure cooker and lots of steaming hot, freshly boiled mason jars.

    But, Dad had his canned tomatoes that he'd make soups and--especially--spaghetti with, all year round.

    I miss it, sometimes. But it's a lot of work and my wife has enough on her hands raising four active children. I'm not about to pile more stuff on her agenda! :)

  5. Hey, Dani, it's been over a month since you posted... everything okay there?