Thursday, July 28, 2005


I tasted some heavenly fruit the other night. The moment it touched my lips, I knew it was not of this world. Clearly it was rooted in the spirit of God.

We were washing dishes, Rebekah and I. Deborah Jane was finishing up the wiping and sweeping. She finished with a flourish, and I could see her turn to go downstairs and join the fun with Daddy, her brothers and Uncle Ben. But she stopped as though compelled, turned toward Rebekah and I, and said, "I'm finished with my job Mom. But you guys are still working......can I help?"

For me, it was a moment I have been waiting for, training for, hoping for - and I was stunned by how my emotions were affected. To have a child of mine voluntarily giving up their own desires to love and serve others is clearly a step toward having the mind of Christ, and I could do nothing but weep with joy and thankfulness (and sing Phil. 2 in my heart).

God, you are so good! My thoughts are of your glory and the joy of seeing it manifest in my daughter. Thank You!


  1. thanks for training up my great neices and nephews, in the light of God's love!