Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Excited About Jesus...

Yesterday Rebekah (my 3yo daughter) said something that made my heart sing. We had spent the morning outside in the sunshine, watering and feeding the flowers and garden. Rebekah was very talkative when we came inside.

"Mama, if God came to our house and sat down on the floor, then I would run around the house!"

"Really?" I questioned. "Do you mean that you would go outside and run in a big circle around the house?"

"No, Mama, I would run all over INSIDE the house because I would be so excited to see Jesus!"

This made all of my "inadequate" moments pale momentarily. A simple childlike excitement about the presence of Jesus. How simple all of life becomes when such joy is present.

Thank you Jesus! May she always be so excited about Your presence.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, *I* want to be that excited about Jesus!! Oh, to be so satisfied in Him!
    Blessings, Danielle!
    Ann V.