Sunday, June 5, 2005

Naughty Baby!

My little boy has always been so easy-going. Rarely have I seen him angry. Until today, that is, when his rage literally bowled me over. He was standing in the kitchen by the refrigerator, and his cup of water was walking away from him in the hands of his 3-year old big sister Rebekah. He had set it down on the counter and she rushed in and picked it up, thirsty as usual. But Joshua was not going to stand for it, and I watched the transformation in horror. His little body stiffened and his color intensified. I could see little veins standing out on his neck and his pudgy little arm shot out, finger outstretched as he shouted, enunciating as perfectly as any two-year-old can - "NAUGH-TY BA-BY!" It was more than I could bear and I covered my face, hiding my tears of laughter. :-)

Thank you Lord!

1 comment:

  1. Too, too funny!! I had to read it out to my co-workers, and we all had a good laugh! ROTFL!!!!