Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Childhood In Color

Yesterday we spent quite a bit of time outside. I weeded the garden and finished mowing outside, while the kids took turns riding with me on the mower and playing in our little "forest".

The children caught several frogs at different times and their delight was contagious! They created a special frog habitat, replete with rocks, leaves, branches & an ice cream bucket prison. I was their "get out of jail free" card when we came inside, having persuaded the kids that the frogs may need to take care of babies or fulfill other familial responsibilities ;-).

When we came inside last night it was almost dark. David and Deborah were both excited beyond containment. Deborah kept telling me over and over again...."Mama, I can still feel the frog in my hand! O, Mama he was sooo cute!" David proceeded immediately to his little Z-50 computer and started a document called "Frog Thoughts". Within this document, he typed items from his Children's Dictionary that he hoped to build for his frog tomorrow.

As I pondered this it became clear that this is a very special moment, worthy of framing. All of the vividness and wonder of childhood is being experienced RIGHT NOW! I'd better make sure my priorities are straight because I don't want to miss it :-).

[We'll post some pictures of the frogs and kids soon if I can capture them.]

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  1. eewwww. Never did like frogs. I remember having to fish them our of the swimming pool in Yorkville, IL. Gross. Don't like frogs. Still, I'm glad the kids had fun!