Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Adventures in the Dark

I remembered that the frogs came out after dark, so I gave the oldest two children a special dispensation to be night owls (and you thought I wasn't a dispensationalist!) :-) I hovered in the background while they scampered into the backyard, eagerly scanning for hopping shadows. In the meantime I dodged the swooping bats, which my husband assured me were not actually trying to nest in my hair, but were merely attacking the mosquitos hovering near my warm form (yikes! hurry up kids!). It wasn't long before they both ran back to me, eagerly holding up their treasures. Then they were off again to put the frogs in the special habitat they had created in the woods. They returned with two more frogs, and I reluctantly allowed them to camp out in our cooler in the garage (but really they were more reluctant than I:-). The only fresh food we could find were June bugs, so we settled them down with some water, a rock, some leaves and said bugs. We found out in the morning that frogs don't like June bugs. Or maybe they just don't eat them until July, when they are cheaper. Anyway, here's a picture of the kiddos with their prisoners....

David, Deborah & Frogs

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