Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Update / Children Slide Down Stairs on Winter Sled

During the last month, I have often longed to be blogging. Subjects have flitted in and out of my consciousness as I have transitioned between the worlds of homeschooling, campaigning for Ron Paul, beginning a new wheat business. Titles such as "Children Slide Down Stairs on Winter Sled", "Hermit Crab Nearly Dies in a Loose Shell", "Mother Succeeds in Creating 5 Ron Paul Revolution Signs w/5 Little Ones in Tow (with their help of course :-) )", "The Wedding that didn't Happen", "The Bleeding Economy", "The Lawn that didn't get Mowed - and Why" and "The Paradigm Shift that Rocked My World". These are just some of the things that come to mind, and they are not in the right order.

Hmmmm. Which one shall I write about? I'll start with the first one right now, just so that I can get going on my list.

I am currently cleaning out the garage, because any day now the Wheat Montana truck is going to arrive carrying 5,000 pounds of wheat and the garage is truly a pit. So today I carried coolers, carseats, boxes, furniture & sleds up to the loft above the garage to make some room to sweep up all of the trash which has somehow remained in the garage for the last month or so. Well, actually I stacked these things in the hallway just inside the garage which leads to the stairs which lead above the garage.

And little 4-year-old Joshua discovered, you guessed it, the cool winter sled! Not the big clunky one, mind you, but the smooth one with handles designed to move with your body. He climbed to the top of the stairs and I had to investigate when I heard him having way too much fun. Now, my kids normally slide down the stairs in their footed pajamas, and they are so fast! But the sled, well, it was PHENOMENALLY FAST! Like, GET-OUT-OF-THE-WAY IF-YOU-DON'T-WANT-TO-GET-HURT fast. So I let them slide downstairs on the sled while I fixed lunch. And no one was hurt. And I have a new activity I can pull out of my hat to occupy my little ones, which, by the way, is my weak area. Planning and occupying.

So, what should I write about next time? If anyone still reads my blog, let me know what you want me to write about. Right now I have to take my fifteen minute break while the kids watch Fetch. It's educational :-).


  1. Oh, man - my boys would have loved the super-fast sled! What a great way for them to occupy their time - they'll never forget it! :)
    Okay, I would like to hear about "The Wedding That Didn't Happen." Fascinating.

  2. I still read here. :-)

    What does your homeschool and "typical" day look like these days?

  3. humm...letting them slide down the stairs is an accident waiting to happen. Insurance?? Been there myself. The lawn that didn't get mowed-and why..who could that be? Maybe Danielle, Nathan?