Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Wedding that Never Happened

Grandpa Tippy (Nathan's father) passed away 3 years ago, of cancer. Grandma (Nathan's mother) took care of him in their home in Washington state until he died. Then she took care of lots of other old people; many of them until they died. We finally persuaded her to move here about a year after Frank died. She lived with us for a few months before she was drawn down to S. Illinois to take care of Great-Grandpa Tippy, her father-in-law. Do I need to mention that my mother-in-law loves old people?

In the meantime, an old friend of the family, Dale from Michigan, was drawn to Grandma. He came to S. Illinois and helped Grandma remodel Grandpa Tippy's house so that she could take better care of him. He helped Grandma often. Over the next year or so, Grandma and Dale (we call him Grandpa Dale) fell in love and decided to get married.

The date was set for July 7th - at our house! Dale's family was coming, and we were building up to it for the prior two weeks; getting all our duckies in a row, so to speak. We clipped the hedges and cleaned the house; including all of the carpets and some of the furniture. Grandma and Dale were going to "officially" tie the knot on their way up from S. Illinois to our house in Missouri, and then have a ceremony at our house with just close family, with Nathan presiding.

Well, with a week to spare, Grandma & Dale called the whole thing off. However, I guess the eye-catching title of this post is not entirely accurate. It implies that it never WILL happen. And I believe it's been rescheduled for Christmas-time. :-)

We were not at all upset that we had worked hard to get things in order. I am always very thankful that we have some "event" to get ready for, because that means that most of the things that need doing will get done - no slouching! We had friends over for the 4th of July, passed out lots of Ron Paul DVD's at fireworks, and had a relaxing weekend. I don't have to start thinking about the wedding (that happened) until after Thanksgiving ;-).


  1. Well....I'm happy that you were able to get your house cleaned...It takes discipline.

  2. Hasn't happened...yet! What wonderful people - and I'm sure it will be a joyous event!