Monday, March 26, 2007


Wow! When I fall away from blogging, time flies :-). Here is what has happened since last I blogged...

  • Grandpa passed away - we attended his funeral in S. Illinois. We were blessed to have chosen a visit a few weeks earlier to say good-bye. We will so miss his cheerful presence, and we are so glad that he is with the Lord.

  • We survived Daddy's classes! He took classes on Monday & Wednesday evening and all day Saturday one week, and the next week he had classes on Monday & Thursday evening. The following weekend he was gone all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday too at a Java Conference. We missed him so much.

  • I purchased my very first sewing machine! It was a pretty good deal on ebay - I saved $100 off of the Sears price. After quite a bit of research and reading many sewing machine reviews at Patternreview, I decided on the Kenmore 1631, and I have not been disappointed. It sews beautifully, is easy to use and best of all, it has a turtle/rabbit slider control (aka speed control) - a great thing for beginners and for children learning.

  • I took a sewing class (actually the last class is coming up this Tuesday night), and I discovered that I really love to sew! So far I've made a beautiful apron, a towel which matches and attaches, and a pillowcase for my son. I'm revved to make dresses and coverlets next. It is so exciting! But the best part is that my instructor is a neat Christian lady, an excellent seamstress and a fantastic teacher! She considers it a ministry, and I can tell you that she has already ministered to me :-). God is good.

  • We have made some advances in the health/nutrition department... In 2003, after reading the Nourishing Traditions cookbook, I purchased my first raw milk from a local Amish farmer. It was the most delicious milk! So creamy and smooth. Then Nathan was laid off from his job, and I shelved our healthful ambitions while I packed things up and prepared to move. Well, recently I've picked up the book again and I've finally taken the time to find another raw milk provider. We have been purchasing raw goat's milk from a wonderful Christian family nearby, and everyone loves it. It feels so good to be able to give my one-year-old milk (though I am still nursing him) that contains life-giving nutrients and enzymes, and does not contaminate his little body with pesticides, soy, hormones or antibiotics. Next month I will purchase Kefir granules and possibly a Kombucha mushroom. We have also begun our search for local grass-fed products and located a wonderful family farm nearby who provides natural grass-fed beef twice a year. Now if we can just get a freezer.

  • We have planted tomatoes, peppers & Forget-Me-Nots in little Jiffy pots indoors to get them started before planting them in the garden. It is quite a rush to walk into the kitchen and see my little green plants thriving under their long fluorescent light! Knowing they are right there in the midst of our busiest area ensures that they will not be neglected. They are my little green "babies" :-).

  • Jonathan has begun to toddle around! My baby is growing up :-(. His training has also begun...more on that later.
  • These are the highlights. I hope to blog again soon on something more deep and meaningful.


    1. Glad to hear you news again!

    2. Wow - you've been very busy! :)
      I hope to find a raw milk supplier very soon - we are moving in August, so I shall try to wait until then! I am still nursing my 15 month old, and have not given her milk yet, because I just don't want to start it until I've got the good stuff! We'll see how long I can hold out...
      Anyway, I've been checking in periodically, hoping to see your words, and I was thrilled to stop by today and find them!
      God's blessings on your day!