Thursday, February 15, 2007


Well, after grinding away every spare moment the last week, I have finished our family newsletter!  It was so time intensive because I finally went through all of the family pics we had taken last year.   I printed it from Publisher to pdf files and now I am trying to find out the most economical way to print it out.  The newsletter was set up to go on the front and back of an 11 x 17 page, with an insert, but our local printer won't print that large of a sheet and they suggested Office Depot.  Office Depot wants $1.77 per copy, so now we are thinking of actually splurging on an ink cartridge for our old printer after all.  Yikes!

This weekend we are taking a quick trip down to Southern Illinois to see family, so I am packing pajamas and toothbrushes (with a few extras for the little ones:-).  I am excited because the laundry is done, the house is relatively clean, and we are on top of our schooling schedule as well!  Now I can just enjoy everyone this weekend :-).  It's easy to praise the Lord when all is going well, and praise Him I do!

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  1. Could you share with me more information about the "teaching" you latched onto about helping young kids with their negative emotions? And also how/what the Lord used in your life to teach you about not being a slave to your emotions, etc. from one of your previous posts? I have taken away some really helpful and Godly principles from reading your blog and would love to hear more about those two things soon! :)