Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Almost 6 weeks old....
The baby is getting bigger! I keep telling everyone: "his diapers are tight :-)" Indeed his newborn swaddlers were definitely tight. Now we have him in size one. Last night he slept until 3am and then guzzled his milk so fast that he spit up all over me (a first!). Then he immediately wanted to nurse again :-). He is definitely showing signs of jaundice, which is unusual because I thought this was supposed to show up earlier on. It is quite disconcerting to find that the whites of your baby's eyes are tinged yellow. Frequent nursing is supposed to help. If only I can keep myself awake (big yawn!). One of these days I'm going to take control of my blog and make it cool like everyone elses. I'm sure there must be a yawning emoticon out there somewhere...

On a practical note....
We are finally getting back into our everchanging routines. I am trying out Candy's cleaning schedule, and so far I really like it :-). Today we clean the bathrooms and the kids do their own laundry - yay! We have been continuing to use the Robinson Curriculum and I have taken to having the kids do a math worksheet as part of their morning routine (before breakfast). David writes an essay everyday, and he is writing all about George Washington right now (from Josephine Pollards "Life of George Washington").

I am so excited! Today we are going to order blinds for our dining room and the kids bedrooms. :-) It has been a major problem in the dining room at mealtimes because of the glare of the setting sun in the evenings. And the kids rooms get soooo hot on summer afternoons, making naptimes difficult. I can't wait to put them up!


  1. I was just looking in your side bar, and saw you link to the "good books list." How awesome! I've been looking for an online book list like that. :-)

  2. Yay!! Blinds for the girls rooms! It's very disconcerting to sleep in there with no blinds on the windows! Thanks!!

  3. Just stumbled across your blog through a link from Candy's blog...anyway- about jaundice...I've had 5 children and 4 of them had jaundice. The whites of the eyes are the last to clear up. Nurse "on demand" to help speed up the process. For some reason, breast babies are slower to "let go" of the jaundice. The more your baby poops, the faster he/she will recover. The upside is, jaundiced babies like to sleep alot!!