Thursday, April 27, 2006

An Ahhhhhhh Moment...

I feel like I must be glowing from the inside out! My very first massage was a marvelous experience :-). A massage therapist from our church gifted me with a massage for myself and Jonathan. And Jackie, I have to say thank you from my head to my toes!

This was the perfect occasion for videos, and I set up the children to watch some great educational programs downstairs. Jackie brought in her mobile massage table with the donut shaped face pillow inserted at the end. First we massaged Jonathan with lotion, and then put him in the swing with some Baby Mozart playing on the stereo. Then I lay down on my tummy, put my face in the donut and settled down to the most relaxing hour of my life! Honey, can we spring for a massage every once in a while?

This weekend we are traveling back to Iowa to visit my family and our friends back home. I haven't seen my mother in over 2 years! We are staying at a hotel with a pool and the kids are so excited about the water slide which my friend tells me is soooooo fun :-).

We actually finished most of our cleaning this week (it's Thursday too - who says you can't change?). Tomorrow I just need to finish up the packing. How nice it will be to see everyone!


  1. I had a massage once, before I had kids, when hubby and I did a weekend getaway. Unfortunate for me, it ended up loosening my back too much, and I could barely move the next day. :-?

  2. Hello, so glad you will get to go visit family! Have a great trip, and I am looking forward to seeing you all again too!

  3. Have a nice trip, and let us know how it went. Love ya!

  4. Hi Danielle:
    The massage sounds wonderful! Wow can't believe preparation is going so well for your trip. How exciting for you to see your mom after 2 years uh?
    Well the baby is up so it is time to nurse. I guess you guys may miss Scott's sermon this weekend? I plan to be at church for him of course. I was going to wait 4 weeks, but I am feeling well enough to go. I just need to take it easy! I miss you.
    Love, Marce