Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Wife of A Visionary

Okay, so my husband is definitely a visionary. He's an idea-man. Near his side of the bed there rapidly accumulates small pieces of paper laced with his unrecognizable scrawls. This testifies to the prolific nature of his ideas :-). Lately his ideas and energies have been devoted to making money, and he is currently engaged in many different endeavors to that end. As advertising is part of that endeavor, I have (somewhat reluctantly) agreed to have ads on my weblog. Our children, who are allowed to watch some cartoons on Saturday morning but have been trained to mute the commercials, will tell you how adamant Mom is about not watching commercials. Just this morning Deborah asked, "Mom, why do they make you want to buy stuff?" When I considered her question, it didn't seem so awful that businesses are trying to promote their product so that people will buy it and they will make money. It's just that some people know how to resist unneeded things and others, well, just plain don't.

The life of the visionary wife! I think I'm just supposed to smile, and enjoy the ride. And if Debi is right, we'll either be very poor, or very rich. Either way, I'll stand by my man :-).


  1. I always enjoy your writings. I admire people that are always making notes to themselves. Your husband sounds like a real organized man! You seem to be a real organized women too! I suppose with your family you would have to be organized, or never get things done. God bless you. Aunty

  2. My hubby being a visionary too, I know what you mean. :-) Here I am, living in a really nice RV out in the country, and any day now, we could just spontaneoulsy take off, to who knows where?

    When one is married to a Mr. Visionary, life is seldom boring, if ever. ;-)