Monday, October 3, 2005


This morning I woke up at 6:45am, and traipsed into the kitchen to make breakfast and lunch for hubby, who was currently in the shower. As I passed the boys door, I knew something was amiss when I found it closed. It is always open unless I close it on my way through with hopes of having more alone time before the kids arise. Lately Joshua closes it also when he gets up (I guess he is just following Mom's lead :-)). I found him downstairs playing (at 6:45!) and was just a little miffed that I would have no time to myself ;-). It seems that the children wake up earlier and earlier lately.

Yet the kids and I sometimes have special times in the morning. Josh (2yo) and I will have reading time on the couch. He is my only child in the habit of putting a book away on the bookshelf when he is finished reading it! Sometimes he will stir the eggs for me in the kitchen or put the toast in the toaster. Rebekah (3yo) is learning to crack eggs and I absolutely love it when she comes up to me saying "I want to help you Mama". I am finding more and more that fellowship is key in children enjoying work.

And what are the obstacles to fellowship? Generally they are found in me. If I am feeling impatient and lost in my own thoughts, then the children feel excluded and would rather be elsewhere. If I send the kids off to work alone while I turn into a whirlwind in order to "get stuff done" then generally someone will decide to play and my time is frought with interruptions (and I am brought to shame). It is much better to empty my "agenda" and fill up my cup with enjoying the children. Joy ties a child to you like nothing else. But it can be difficult to keep them all tied to you at once. I often find that when I am fellowshipping well with one child, another relationship may be failing in some way.

It's hard to please everyone, but if joy is the focus then a happier and more peaceful house is always the result :-).

And now I must retire. To quote my sister-in-law Veronica: "sleep rocks".

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  1. That was a great post. I like your blog. I added you to my blog roll on my site. I hope that's okay with you. :-)