Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Where shall I begin? The blurr-monster has taken up residence somewhere nearby. His insidious presence has caused all manner of confusion. And when he shows up I become uncertain.

What is the most important thing? It is suddenly unclear. What should I be focusing on? There are so many things... and so little time.

The storage area calls out to me, "but I'm not finished!" And my laundry says, "me too!" The weeds in the garden are getting kind of scary these days, and homeschool planning is on hold, waiting for it's proper storage place to be cleaned out (the hutch in the dining room). The children are needing a better schedule, but when can I find time to put one together?

And the couch! It calls to me....beckoning my tired, nausea wracked body to come and partake of her comfort. So far I have avoided her, but her voice remains.

Well, at least I have identified blur-monster's elusive presence. Now I just have to zap him with my laser-focus beams and he will "poof!" disappear.

David just showed up and reminded me that it is 3:00. I promised him computer time then, so I'd better scoot.

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  1. So I guess that is what I have too, a blur monster! I amd glad too have a name for it!