Sunday, May 8, 2005

To the Zoo and Beyond...

We met our good friends, the Rogers, first thing Saturday morning, and traipsed through the zoo together, stopping to play and to eat. About two in the afternoon, it was unanimously voted to leave the zoo (only the adults voted), and we continued the fun in the Rogers backyard :-). The men stayed inside working on a project while the women sat outside in back, watching the children survive the perilous tree branch (we had to saw it off), the homemade 6-person swing, toddler traffic jams and the inevitable clashing of wills which will occur with 8 youngsters playing together. Here are some pictures...

All of us together, minus me :-). I had lots of fun with the camera today. What appears to be a twirling hat atop Nathan's head is actually a roof in the distance (I think).

Here are David and Victoria, being eaten by a giant hippo...they were buddies today, and will no doubt remain friends forever after having survived such an ordeal :-)

Joshua, petting the friendly goats. One of them came at me and pawed me, before turning to the side and twitching at me until I brushed his itchy spot! The only thing Josh said at the zoo was "woooooaaaa" when he almost fell. He was enthralled the entire time.

Rebekah, in all her glory!

Deborah, Ranee and Rebekah, hoping the goats will rub their horns on their shoes.

David, in a rare moment of inactivity.

Deborah and Ranee, working in their pretend garden. Pardon me - REAL garden. Deborah corrected me :-). Everything in the wagon is apparently edible ;-)

Josh and Benjer, very different, but destined to be friends...

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  1. Thanks for the pics, Dani. I had to show them to my co-workers, they loved them. Joshua's getting big, and it looks like the red in his hair had grown out. Pity.