Saturday, November 20, 2010


I just made cookie dough. To eat. I said to my husband: "I am sure that the reason I am not dead is because I ate cookie dough so much growing up." Perhaps you understand my reasoning - I scoff at salmonella! Because so much of life is "touch not, taste not, handle not." Here, we'll take it. We'll eliminate the risks, so that you can live in safety.

But they didn't tell us the truth. There is a reason that God has chosen to let the tares grow up with the wheat. Kill the tares, kill the wheat. Mow down the just with the unjust. And so, need I say? We like it raw. Milk. Eggs. Sometimes meat.

Once we visited a public pool nearby. The sound of whistles greeted us as we approached, and continued to agitate throughout our stay. At one point I was standing in the wrong place. I remained unaware despite the whistles blowing around my ears. Their very constancy rendered them null and void, as they shreaked through me transparently. After this I began to say "no" less often to my kids.

Change is hard and ruts are deep, but miracles do happen. I want

To roll and give
And jostle and spill
Ignoring bygone cups unfilled

To turn and hear
And smile ... attend
Evading grooves long penned

And when laughter tips the scales
In the wholeness of reality
Then they will surely know
i am free.

....Only because He has made me so. One of my favorite movies is Luther. And for some reason, I am thinking of this line, which always jumps out at me: "All my life, I have seen a world that hates evil more than it loves good." O, the WAY we see! And Paul says, "Be not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good." Speak to me. Change the WAY I see.


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  2. oh danielle...

    Change is hard and ruts are deep, but miracles do happen.

    i'm hiding this deep, for it resonates real. i love your post here. i love that you trust God enough to try new things, and say "yes" instead of "no". love to you.

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  6. Thank you for this! I totally agree, and love your perspective! From a very very different point of view, it's what I wrote about today, too - how I decide what risks are worth taking and what I do (or don't do) about those risks :)

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