Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kiss Me Soundly!

I had to share a journal entry I found yesterday. I read it to the kids and they died laughing! It is dated August 12th, 2002. We lived in Iowa at the time.

I sat on the bed and pulled Nathan to me and said, "now - kiss me soundly!" He proceeded to kiss me, making as much noise as he could. I said, "that wasn't quite right, let's try again." To which he replied, "that was as much sound as I could muster!" We both dissolved at the hilarity of our "romantic" life. It was good to be married.


  1. (Muffling riotous laughter since little ones are asleep...)
    "Kiss me soundly!" What a delight you must be to your hubby- and he to you!

  2. I am watching for some more writing from you. Where are you???? I enjoy your writing.