Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Productivity - an "Ahhhh" Moment

My muscles are still sore from gardening on Saturday. Nathan and Ben took all of the kids to the zoo, and I planted all of the tomatoes and peppers and some corn. I still need to buy something hot to plant - Nathan wants jabaneros I think, and maybe some zuccini. But it is coming along!

Sunday afternoon I finished cleaning and organizing the garage. Not as deeply as I would have liked, but definitely much improved. I keep having flashbacks to the totally cool garage I poked around in at an organizing store once. Everything was neatly stored in attached baskets all along the walls. We just have our old yellow dresser, some small plastic drawers and a few nails on the studs of our unfinished garage. But for the moment it is neat :-).

I have been glorying in the amount of stuff I have been able to accomplish the last few days. Yesterday morning Jonathan woke me up at 4:30 AM and I stayed up, O Wonder of Wonders :-). I made the bread and washed the bedding and had quiet time and finished my planning for the month of June. Last night I did the bulk of the shopping - FOR THE WHOLE MONTH! I haven't tried that in a while, but I really get tired of joining the stampede every week. It seems that so much time is wasted. And - "MOOOOO!" I'll pass on that for now; I prefer to break the mold.

So here I sit, with my coffee and a counterful of groceries to organize into my pantry. The kids are stirring, the garden needs to be watered before the sun beats down upon it. And here I sit...

It occurs to me that maybe if I had been glorying in the Lord instead of my accomplishments, I would have noticed that my dear bookend is feeling rather overwhelmed. Having shouldered much of the caretaking of the kids and helping me in the kitchen the past few days, he has fallen over and is feeling a bit overwhelmed with his own untended list of things to do.

Maybe it is time to return to the real world; to tie some strings with my kids and find out what I can do to bless hubby.


  1. danielle, I feel tired just reading about what all you do. Oh to be young again!

  2. I am so impressed that you could blog with groceries on your counter to organize. I am so perfectionistic I can't take a break until the project is complete, even if I am already completely worn out. You teach me to take time out.