Friday, February 24, 2006


Five more weeks and we'll be through!

I am beginning to tire of being called "round one" by my beloved. And, Lord willing, I will become much less round about March 27th. All of my babies have been born right on time :-), and I hope that this one will be too.

This week has truly been a rush. From one emergency to the next, it seems.

On Monday, you wouldn't have wanted to be male in our house. Nathan "broke" his toe at 5:00 am, Joshua bit his tongue (gushing blood for a long time) as he leapt from the blanket covered coffee-table-house, and David took the gold with his "graceful" slide down the side of his bunkbed. He reportedly forgot to turn his head, as was his custom, and his chin was the unfortunate victim. After my primitive ministrations of blood-mopping and anti-bacterial scrub, I observed that it hung open (not his mouth, mind you), and became very woozy. Then I began barking orders to the children to get their shoes on and get in the van. I was sure he needed stitches, and so we zipped to the emergency room with David holding his chin together with an ice-pack. I now I realize that while I have been busy changing diapers and drilling math tables, super-glue has morphed into something called "Durabond" which many times is able to take the place of stitches. David had his owie glued shut. Imagine that. While the rest of us watched Sesame Street and ate cheeseburgers ;-).

On Tuesday, I had the great privilege of attending a wonderful bridal shower for my good friend Jeana. Deborah and Rebekah accompanied me, with pony tails and beautiful modest dresses. I was the only one who didn't wear a dress, because I lack maternity tights.

On Wednesday, it was a beautiful day outside, so I parked my folding chair in the garage and watched the kids ride their tricycles around the driveway. I was being so good :-). Truly taking it easy.

It wasn't long before the older ones began to eye their bicycles, which were hanging neatly (thanks to Uncle Benjamin) from the ceiling of the garage. They wanted to get them down themselves and were insisting they could, but I knew they would need help. This was when I should have prayed for wisdom. And the obedience to heed it. But when do I ever listen? I's only a little kids can't weigh more than Joshua...I lift him up to the drinking fountain all the time. And of course it was a cinch to get them down from the ceiling once I had the kitchen step stool. But when the bleeding started soon thereafter, it became aparent that there may have been a reason that all of the doctors I have seen have given the same advice: "take it easy, and no heavy lifting!" Reluctantly, and with a red face, I heeded my doctor's instructions to go in and be monitored, even though I was sure everything was ok. So, once again I rounded the troops and we zipped off down to the hospital.

On Thursday, I would have preferred to stay home (I never could get the hang of Thursdays ;-)), but this was my regular weekly ultrasound/monitoring appointment and the doctor encouraged me to keep it. So we made a day trip out of it and went to the library, the park and finally the appointment. This baby boy is continually showing signs of being a text-book baby, so sometimes I wonder what all of this is for. Yet I am thankful to be in a position to be able to monitor him so closely in light of the complications.

Tonight was our family movie night, and we watched Popeye together. It was very good and we all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly :-). Even Joshua. Though Rebekah did get a little scared of the octopus at the end. I am so thankful that there is good, wholesome entertainment out there that I can watch with my family.

Tomorrow morning I get to drive out and visit my dear friend Jenny for breakfast. I have to leave at 6:30am so I had better hit the sack. G'night all!

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  1. Danielle, Thank you for the news of your week. I really enjoyed!