Sunday, April 10, 2005


We are progressing nicely on our first garden. Just tonight we spread out the hay cover for our mulch on about a quarter of it. Spreading hay is more work than I thought it would be! Making sure that it is thick enough everywhere is time consuming. Especially with 4 children having hay fights all around you:-) We pushed back the mulch to form two rows and planted some lettuce also. This part was fun. Little Joshua sat on my lap and I put one tiny lettuce seed on his pant leg. He grasped it with his remarkably dexterity and dropped it somewhere in the vicinity of the row. The others did it a little more systematically :-)
Today at church I pondered the power of God, which he wrought in the work of Christ's resurrection; the same power which is contained in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It occurred to me that the Christian's guarantee of answer to prayer is only contained in this same context. Ie, that of being in Christ, being buried with Him by baptism into death, being raised again with Him into newness of life.

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